Kayak Rentals at Middleton Place

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Kayak Rentals at Middleton
“Excellent service and fantastic place to relax and take in nature on the water”

We were in Charleston for a week-long business trip and we really needed a way to chill out and recharge our batteries. The kayak ride on the Ashley was just the ticket. The staff was super friendly and accommodating, gave us all the needed instruction and info about the area, and set us free on the boats for as long as we wanted. It was great!

Visited March 2016 Steven J.

  If you prefer to paddle and explore on your own, then our kayak rentals program at Middleton Place may be for you! We offer kayak rentals departing from our private kayak landing on the State Scenic Corridor of the Ashley River. Its just a few minutes up the road from Charleston, but it feels like a world away from the busy waters closer to the harbor. Our location on the upper Ashley provides one of the quietest waterways in the Charleston area to explore by kayak.

Self-guided Rental Rates

Up to 2.5 hours

Single Kayak = $35.50

Tandem Kayak = $50

Up to 4 hours

Single Kayak = $45.50

Tandem Kayak= $60

How it works:

Our kayak rental program includes basic safety orientation, skills instruction, and all the gear you need to be safe on the water. One of our staff members will meet you at our private on-water location at your appointment time, and get you prepared to hit the water. We will provide a kayaking map, and suggest potential routes based on tidal conditions and how long you intend to spend on the water. We will provide a basic skills instruction, and a safety briefing before helping you get your kayak launched.
All basic kayak rentals leave and return to our private kayak landing at Middleton Place. Our standard kayak rental allows for up to 2.5 hours of use of the equipment, which for most folks is plenty of time to explore. However, more time can be arranged at the time of booking if you have a longer trip in mind. We recommend touching base ahead of time to get some input planning your trip if you intend to spend more time on the water.
Most kayaking areas in Charleston are tidally effected, and our location at Middleton Place is no different. We experience a full tidal change which averages around 5.5ft. We can always offer suggestions for kayak rental departure times based on the tides, but in general there are good paddling options regardless of tide.

How long is the rental for?

At the time of booking, you may choose between up to 2.5 hour rental or up to 4 hour rental. The average seems to be about 1.5- 2 hours. Additional time can be arranged if you are looking for a longer day on the water, but let us know ahead of time so we can help plan your excursion around the tides. 


What type of Kayaks do you provide?
Our super stable tandem kayaks insure a safe paddling experience for everybody. The tandem kayaks are “sit inside” kayaks, with one large open cockpit that both paddlers sit inside. For more experienced paddlers, we offer single kayaks for rent. The singles are closed cockpit touring style kayaks made by Wilderness Systems. They range in length from 14-16ft, and offer a  great degree of stability while maintaining good efficiency and performance. Sit-on-top style kayaks and canoes are available but may require advance notice, and we find very few people that don’t do better in our other boats.
Are reservations required?
Advance reservations are strongly recommended.  Reservations will insure that the appropriate gear is available, and that our staff is available to assist with your rental orientation.  The further ahead you reserve, the more flexibility and choices of departure times will be available.  All that being said, were pretty laid back and will do our best to make it happen with what works best for you!


What is the cost?

For up to 2.5 hours:               

  • Tandem kayak= $50 total ($25 per person).
  • Single Kayak =    $35.50 per person.
  • $10 additional per kayak for up to 4 hours
  • All prices include all safety gear, skills instruction, & dry bag *when available.
  • 6.5% sales tax is applicable for rentals.


When are rentals offered?

Advance reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee both equipment and staff availability. Same day appointments are usually available, but you may encounter a wait time or limited times depending on equipment and staff availability. We will always do our best to accommodate your preferences and schedule.  Give us a call or email if you would like suggested departure times for your preferred date. *Note, we are on a gated property and you must either have an advance appointment, or call ahead of time to insure they let you in at gate

Can we access the Blackwater Swamp with rental kayaks?
Unfortunately, the swamp paddling area is on a private portion of the property and requires a shuttle and guide to have access. The navigation can also be quite tricky, so a guide is necessary for the swamp outing.