SUP Rentals, Tours, Lessons, & Special Events

All paddle board activities include a basic skills instruction and safety orientation tailored to fit your experience level. No experience is required unless otherwise noted. If it is your first time, you may be most comfortable with the guided activity, in which an instructor will be on the water to offer assistance and additional instruction. Planning for the tides and winds as much as possible is even more important with paddle boarding, so to schedule your outing, give us a ring and we can look at specifics for your date, or complete the on-line booking request for your date, and we will follow up with departure time options for your requested date. If you complete a booking request, and the departure options do not work for your schedule, you may cancel your booking. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!


The tidal Ashley River is the perfect place to explore by paddle board, as it offers more protection from wind than many coastal areas, there are few to no boats, and  we don’t have to worry about sharp oyster shells that can create a hazard in the salt marshes. We try to plan our departures times around the tidal conditions to set you up for the best possible experience on the water. Departing around slack tides (close to high or close to low) typically offers the best conditions. We have a private landing for launching on site and returning to the same location. Shuttles may be available at additional cost. Our Online booking has many times selected based on predicted tidal conditions, but other times may be available by request.

SUP Rentals


1-2.5 hour rental with orientation= $35 per board

2.5-4 hour rental with orientation= $45 per board

24 hour rental with orientation= $60 per board


A great way to  get introduced to paddle boarding, and get comfortable with our estuaries, this guided event covers all the basics and more. Your guide will not only provide a lesson with tips and techniques suited to your skill level, but we will also cover some of the cool history, wildlife, and unique ecology to the area. Avoid the congested waterways elsewhere in the low-country, and paddle the scenic and quiet waters of the upper Ashley at Middleton.

SUP Tours


Booking by request for groups of 4 or more. Smaller groups touch base and we can try and pair you up with another small group.

1.5 hour event= $49 per person

3 hour One way shuttle trip= $69 per person *experience recommended due to longer trip


The salt-marshes at Folly can provide numerous paddling opportunities, and often offer up close encounters with the beloved bottlenose dolphin. We offer trips for groups of 4 or more available daily by request (time is tide dependent). Call or email for departure times, as they vary based on tide and wind conditions. Our basic excursion departs from the Folly Beach Public boat landing.


This adventure combines the best of both worlds, and allows us to escape the busier and larger waterways and seek out the more remote areas. The boat also allows for us to shuttle up wind or up tide, and set you up for the best possible conditions. This trip can be customized to your interests and skill level, and can include the possibility of time on remote beach islands.


Folly SUP Tours


Booking by request for groups of 4 or more. Smaller groups touch base and we can try and pair you up with another small group.

Folly SUP Tour

1.5-2 hour SUP Dolphin Excursion = $52 per person

Boat Assisted SUP Adventure

Rates start at $95 per person, 4 person or $380 minimum, and include private boat charter, captain, and rental boards. Up to 8 guests.

Call to schedule

For activities at Middleton Place, are there additional entrance fees?
No, the cost of the activity covers all fees. However, if you would like to explore the breathtaking grounds at Middleton place, additional fees are associated.
Is experience required?
No! Unless otherwise noted, all of our activities can be tailored to your skill level, and all begin with a basic instructional orientation.
How likely is it that I will fall in the water?
With paddle-boarding, it is certainly more likely you will end up in the water than with kayaking. That being said, we use very stable boards that don’t sacrifice performance, and very few guest fall in if they are trying to avoid it. That being said, its SUPing, so why not get wet?
What is the tour like?
With our paddle-board tours, we still do some naturalist interpretation along the way, but it is less centered around that, and more geared toward developing technique and getting comfortable paddling on your own. Once you have the feel for it, we are off to explore!